Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Nominations Committee

Glenn Myers, Chair         Mike Harrison, Lay Leader

The Nominations Committee, also sometimes referred to as the lay leadership committee elects members for all required committees. This committee or team serves throughout the year to guide the church lay leadership team on matters regarding the leadership of the congregation (other than employed staff).  Members of this committee must be sensitive to the leadership needs of the congregation and know the capabilities, gifts, skills and experience of the persons in the congregation.

This committee's work affects life in the church, as well as the lives of others.  The influence of the persons recruited for the various tasks in the church go beyond the bounds of the congregation.  These leaders are representatives of the body of Christ in the surrounding community. The major responsibilities of this committee are to get to know members of the congregation and identify (and help them to discern) their skills, gifts, knowledge, and level of commitment,  identify leadership and service opportunities in your congregation,  prepare job descriptions for leadership positions,  match potential leaders with leadership positions and invite persons to serve in those positions, making sure that these persons represent the makeup of your congregation,  present recommendations to the charge conference and  equip leaders through training and support.