Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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Board Of Trustees
Kevin Neal, Chair


The Board of Trustees supervises and maintains all property belonging to First United Methodist Church so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective. This includes:

 ♦ To oversee, care for, maintain, and supervise all local church property, reporting annually to the Charge Conference.

♦ To receive and administer all gifts that are made to the congregation.

♦ To make certain that all Trustee funds of the congregation are invested properly.

♦ To insure that the Articles of Incorporation of the congregation are up-to-date.

♦ To be responsible, in consultation with the Pastor, for all use of the church buildings and grounds.

♦ To be responsible for adequate insurance coverage on all church property.

♦ To submit annual budget requests to the Finance Committee for property maintenance and improvement, as well as new property purchases.

♦ To be accountable to the Charge Conference and the Administrative Board.

♦ Emergency Planning Task Force

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Gifts Needed
The position is best held by someone who listens and communicates with people of all ages. They should have an interest in learning about property owned by the congregation. The ability to work with other volunteers and committees is necessary. Skills or interest in developing skills in finance and property management is very important.