Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Evangelism Committee

Shirley Cottle, Chair

In the gospel of Matthew, First United Methodist Church hears its evangelistic marching orders. We are called to introduce people to God through Jesus Christ. The Evangelism Committee of FUMC is where the planning and specifics for that outreach happen. Evangelism Committee members have experienced the love of God for themselves. They also know the strong foundation and depth of ministry our church offers. Our goal is to help others experience the love of God and involve them in the life and ministry that is the United Methodist Church. To that end, our tasks are, first, to make visitors feel at home; followed immediately by answering any questions visitors might have about our ministries; let visitors know the breadth of activity and ministry that we offer; and finally, to help visitors feel the love of God as it is embraced and embodied by our congregation.